Work for concrete flooring - Kate Wu

Work for concrete flooring!


Hi, I'm Kate Wu, I'm from Italy. I'm now the sales supervisor of HIKING Laser screed. I am now working in laser screed for sale, besides laser screed our items are power screed, power trowel, truss screed, flight on power trowel and roller screed. screed, etc. I did not measure up to 4 years of college life as a civil engineering significant, and the particular abilities I learned are as follows: Understand illustrations, data, instruments, CAD, and so on. Able to strive and have a resourceful spirit. Responsible for the total design of the construction site, basic layout. Coordinate the building and construction development, quality and safety of the labor layer. The execution of the overall building program. Examination and examination of the labor layer. Monitor the building and construction of the labor layer according to the requirements, to ensure safe production, civilized building. Comprehensive and reasonable, reliable implementation of the program, keep the construction website reliable and safe. Propose procedures to guarantee building, safety, quality and organize the application. Monitor the building of products, equipment on time, and in a qualified state, to ensure the smooth development of the task. Take part in the conclusion of the job inspection, responsible for the protection of engineering integrity. Time and accurate recording of building logs.9 、 Affordable allowance of production elements, firmly arranged building Make sure the progress and quality of the job.10 、 Organize the evaluation and acceptance of concealed tasks, take part in the quality evaluation of the sub-projects.11 、 Take part in the preparation of drawings and task schedule with a grateful heart and work with love. Computer system skills: Intermediate language skills: English (basic); Mandarin (good) accurate operation of equipment, CAD, site coordination and management, pre-construction technology transfer, quality axis elevation, etc. Familiar with and able to produce drawings, information, building and construction strategies, agreements.

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